I’m baaaaack

So it’s been a while since my last post (about a year and a half, actually) and I recently found myself being called back to blogging.

So here are some updates since then:
a. I am graduating this semester from college and on my way to a full-time job (hopefully)
b. I’ve gotten over my issues with food and basically started eating EVERYTHING again (probably more than is necessary) with little thought of the consequences
c. I’ve realized that I don’t need to conform to a specific body type to be beautiful, but I DO need to maintain my good health and happy-body eating habits to be physically and mentally happy
d. I decided (after stuffing my face full of sugary cereal and hot chocolate chip cookies) that I’m going back to the good-food~good-you mindset

Since I’m supposed to be a responsible, put together, adult-like person in less than a week, I guess I should be aware of the body I have and do it some good. So here we go, jumping back on the train. Sounds responsible, right?

~ till next time ~